Winter Stations 2015

Location: Toronto, Canada
Type: Competition Entry

Winter Stations 2015

This proposal is for an installation that physically embodies and records winter’s presence. The idea of Freeze/Thaw represents a transformation of climate and landscape over time; this mirrors that transformation.

The freeze and thaw will leave a permanent engraving on the object , which begins barely noticeable and reveals itself as winter progresses.

Winter Stations Toronto

The geometric form comprises of multiple, identical faces set at various angles, some facing sky, others snow. These faces will weather and corrode over the course of the season in unique ways depending on their exposure to temperature changes and wind conditions.

Visitors can experience the changes visually and ‘physically through touching the surfaces. The object’s transformation serves as a reminder of the force of Mother Nature.

After winter has ended the installation can be deconstructed and the steel surface panels retained as a physical record of a specific time and place.