House extension, the roughs

Location: Northwood, England
Type: Housing

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The project involved the design of an extension to an existing bungalow, and the internal reconfiguration of the internal layout.  The position of the extension was key to the proposal; neighbouring houses had opted to ‘infill’ the area between the garage and living space, creating a square plan, but we recognised the opportunity for something better.  Placement as shown allowed the creation of a private courtyard, and facilitated the penetration of light into the living rooms as per the original plan.

Existing Extension Plan

Existing Plan

Proposed Extension Plan

Proposed Plan

The plan creates a large open family area, more suited to modern living. A dual aspect dining room has views to the large rear garden, and new internalised private courtyard. A window seat offers a moment of intimacy with the garden, whilst also giving the facade more interest.

Brick house extension elevation

Rear Elevation

Grey brick is proposed as a material that has a connection to the existing property, yet will read as an independent addition.

Currently we are preparing an application for planning permission.