Portavadie Distillery, Portavadie

Location: Portavadie, Scotland
Type: Masterplanning/ Landscape Architecture
: Outline Design

Polphail Village

Polphail Village was built during the 1970s to house the workforce to be engaged in offshore oil platform construction. Concrete oil rigs were deemed inferior to steel structures and no orders were ever placed at Polphail.  As such the site has lain abandoned for over 35 yeast despite numerous regenerative proposals.

Over that time the buildings have deteriorated beyond salvation, and the area has become an iconic canvas for graffiti artists.

Hive, working along side Darren Baird Architecture, were commissioned to produce a feasibility study for the area, resulting in the design of a whisky distillery, visitor center, three bonded warehouses, retail outlet, external auditorium space, office provisions and staff accommodation.

Currently the project is seeking funding to progress to the next stage.

Pollphail Landscape ConceptPollphail Distillery Concept

Polphail Interior

Pollphail Grafitti

Polphail Interior